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Namastae, I am Kanchan Subedi, born in the enchanting city of Kathmandu. My journey began with a profound love for hill stations and the mystical allure of woodlands, eventually leading me to embrace the captivating world of being a tour guide. Despite graduating in Management, my heart was drawn to the allure of adventure and exploration.

Venturing through diverse landscapes and immersing myself in rich cultures, my passion blossomed. In 2012, I elevated this fervor to new heights by founding Adventure Advisor Nepal.

Since then, Adventure Advisor Nepal stands as a premier travel sanctuary, dedicated to crafting indelible memories through the realms of Hiking, Trekking, Luxury Tours, Adventure Sports, Nature Tours, Helicopter Tours, and an array of other captivating activities. Rooted in an unwavering commitment to excellence, I aspire to weave extraordinary journeys that seamlessly blend thrill and luxury amidst the breathtaking tapestry of Nepal's scenery.

At Adventure Advisor Nepal, we transcend the role of mere tour organizers; we are artisans sculpting unforgettable memories. Join us on this symphony of exploration and opulence as we redefine the essence of adventure and luxury travel, creating experiences that echo in the corridors of a lifetime.

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