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Kathmandu-Everest Base Camp Heli Tour


1 Day

Tour Type

Helicopter Tour


Everest Base Camp


 Trip Grade: 5 star
 Best Season: February, March-May and Oct-Dec
 Altitude: 3880m
 Activity: Helicopter Tour
 Group Size: 5 people

Embark on an unparalleled journey with Adventure Advisor Nepal Pvt. Ltd. The Everest Helicopter Landing Tour with Breakfast promises an extraordinary travel experience that elevates luxury to new heights. This exclusive adventure combines the thrill of a helicopter flight to Everest with the unique opportunity to land at the legendary Everest Base Camp. As part of this remarkable tour, you'll be treated to awe-inspiring aerial views of the majestic Himalayan peaks, culminating in a delightful breakfast at Everest Base Camp. Designed for utmost comfort and safety, this VIP helicopter excursion ensures an unforgettable expedition for those seeking to witness the world's highest peak in the most luxurious and memorable way possible.




Day 1: Transfer to Kathmandu Airport Helipad

Day 2: Check-in at the Helicopter Counter

Day 3: Fly from Kathmandu Airport Helipad to Lukla (Tenzing-Hillary Airport -2,860 meters): 45 Minutes Flight

Day 4: Flight Towards Khumbu and Everest Base Camp

Day 5: Picturesque view of  Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar

Day 6:  Flight to Syangboche Hill and Mt. Everest View Hotel

Day 7: Return Flight to Kathmandu pause in  Lukla airport

Day 8: Arrival at Kathmandu Domestic Airport Helipad

Day 9: Drive to the hotel and embark on the next adventure.


Day 1

Our day kicks off early with a seamless transfer from our hotel to the Kathmandu Airport Helipad, marking the beginning of our exciting Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. Adventure advisor Nepal guarantee a smooth and punctual transfer to capture the mesmerizing first light over the Himalayas.

Elevation: 1400m./4600 ft
Day 1

Upon reaching the helipad, we'll proceed to the Helicopter Counter for check-in. Our dedicated staff will guide us through the check-in process and provide a brief overview of the upcoming journey. This marks the thrilling moment as we get ready to embark on a memorable aerial adventure.

Day 1

The helicopter's initial stop occurs at Lukla Airport, recognized as the gateway to Everest. At this point, we'll unload excess fuel, following standard procedures to manage weight and enhance the helicopter's performance for high-altitude flying. Lukla is famed for its elevated airstrip and provides a peek into the lively trekking hub of the Everest region. We'll get an opportunity to experience the vibrant atmosphere of this mountain town, though briefly, before continuing the journey towards Everest Base Camp.

Elevation: 2,845m. /9,334ft
Day 1

As the sun starts to ascend, we'll commence a captivating helicopter journey towards the Khumbu region, the core of the Himalayas. This segment of the expedition presents a stunning panorama of Nepal's rugged terrain, transitioning into the majestic, snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas. The flight trail bring us nearer to Everest Base Camp(Elevation: 5,364m/17,599ft), granting an exclusive aerial view of the world's highest peak and its nearby giant.

Elevation: 5,364m/17,599ft
Day 1

The helicopter smoothly passes over Everest Base Camp, a site of great importance in mountaineering history. You'll see the tents and expeditions in this remote but lively area. After that, the flight goes towards Kala Patthar (Elevaton: 5,545m. /18,193ft), famous for providing excellent views of Mount Everest. This part of the flight is ideal for photographers, offering panoramic views of the Himalayan range in all its splendor.

Elevation: 5,545m. /18,193ft
Day 1

Following that, the helicopter proceeds to Syangboche Hill, where the renowned Mt. Everest View Hotel is situated. This leg of the flight provides additional breathtaking views of the Everest region. At Syangboche, we'll have the opportunity to disembark from the helicopter and savor the crisp mountain air. Indulge in a lavish breakfast at the Mt. Everest View Hotel, relishing our meal with an unobstructed view of Everest and its neighboring peaks. This breakfast encounter seamlessly blends gastronomic pleasure with an exceptionally remarkable backdrop, marking it as a standout moment in the tour.

Elevation: 3,880m/ 12,729 ft
Day 1

Following a memorable breakfast at the Mt. Everest View Hotel, we'll re-board the helicopter for our return trip to Kathmandu. This journey back is a moment to ponder the incredible experiences of the morning, as the majestic Himalayas gradually fade into the backdrop. Depending on factors like weather and air traffic, there might be a short stop at Lukla. This pause gives another chance to observe the lively activities of this gateway town to Everest, creating a juxtaposition with the tranquil and majestic aura of the mountains.

Day 1

Upon returning to Kathmandu Domestic Airport, we'll be greeted by the capital's moderate climate and vibrant city atmosphere. This signifies the conclusion of our aerial expedition to the Everest region, yet the memories of this remarkable journey will endure for a considerable time.

Day 1

Ultimately, we’ll be taken back to our lodging in Kathmandu. Now we have an opportunity to unwind, allowing to recount and exhibit the remarkable tales and visuals of our Everest Base Camp adventure to our companions and loved ones.

Note: Variable Timing Due to Weather and Air Traffic

Typically, helicopter tours begin early in the morning. We closely monitor weather conditions and air traffic to ensure the safety and comfort of our passengers. Your safety is our top priority, and we appreciate your understanding and flexibility.


1. An extensive aerial expedition that takes you over major landmarks, including a flyover of Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar

2. An expert pilot with knowledge in high-altitude flying, offering informative commentary during the entire journey.

3. Pause briefly at Syangboche Hill viewpoint to step out, enjoy the fresh mountain air, and possibly enjoy breakfast and refreshments at the Mt. Everest View Hotel.

4. Ensuring every passenger enjoys clear views and optimal opportunities for photography.

5. Providing comprehensive safety instructions before the flight to ensure a secure experience for all passengers.

6. Seamless transfers between the Kathmandu hotel and the airport helipad for maximum convenience.

7. One-hour pause for breakfast at the Everest View Hotel.

8. Everest National Park fees.

9. An opportunity to enjoy the exhilaration of flying at heights of up to 5,250 meters/17,225 feet.

10. Our helicopters are equipped with essential emergency gear and a first aid kit, ensuring enhanced safety measures.

11. Prioritizing eco-conscious flying practices to minimize environmental impact.

12. Covering all government taxes, airport fees, and service charges for your convenience


1. Passengers are recommended to organize their own comprehensive travel and medical insurance for their trip.

2. Personal expenses, including souvenirs, tips, and extra activities, are not covered.

3. Expenses associated with additional excursions or activities beyond the planned itinerary are not included.

4. Unless specified otherwise, accommodation in Kathmandu, including hotel stays or any other lodging, is not included.

5. Costs resulting from unforeseen situations such as flight delays, cancellations, or extended stays due to weather or other unpredictable circumstances are not covered.

6. Costs related to personal trekking or adventure gear, clothing, or equipment are not included.

7. Tipping for pilots, guides, and other service providers is not included and obligatory.

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