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Mountain biking is a sport in which people ride off-road, usually over mountainous areas, on specially designed mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are similar to other types of bikes. And they include features designed to boost durability and performance in rough terrain, such as air or coil-sprung shocks used for suspension, larger and wider wheels and tires, stronger frame materials, and mechanically or hydraulically actuated disc brakes.

Endurance, core strength and balance, bike handling skills, and self-reliance all are necessary for this activity. Aerial actions are performed off natural features as well as specially designed jumps and ramps in freeriding, downhill.

To avoid being helpless, riders learn how to fix broken bikes and flat tires. Many riders bring a backpack with them that contains water, food, tools for trailside repairs, and a first aid kit in case of injury. Group rides are popular, particularly on longer journeys.